What do we do now?

Clearly, this is a time of disruption and uncertainty. It is not easy. We are seeing more and more challenges in our lives, workplaces and world. Some of the challenges such as inequities and environmental issues seem unsurmountable. How do we collectively come...

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Embrace Resilience

It has been remarkable to experience the changes related to the pandemic. Across the world, people stopped activity and focused on a common challenge. We can see that changes are evolving and our lives and world will be different.  We know that change is a constant....

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About the Author

Ann Van Eron, Ph.D., MCC is founder and principal of Potentials, a global coaching and organization development consulting firm with experience coaching leaders and teams all over the world for over twenty-five years. She is certified as a Master Coach and has a doctorate in Organization Psychology from Columbia University.

Her new book, OASIS Conversations: Leading with and Open Mindset to Maximize Potential is available at AMAZON >>

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