Social Distancing Not Social Disconnecting

I keep asking myself, “What can I do to support others during this pandemic affecting all of us?” Ensuring space between ourselves and others and staying at home, if not a frontline worker, is an act of compassion for others. By minimizing our interaction we reduce...

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Where are the Silver Linings?

How do we cope with the rapid pace of uncertainty? Life as we know it is changing before our eyes with the spread of the Coronavirus. It is natural to fear the unknown and feel out of control. First, we need to manage the shock and appreciate “what is.” We can give...

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Spread Kindness

A simple kind word or gesture can make a difference for how a person feels included in the workplace or family. Coaching clients often share these moments and many also share their sense of aloneness. Studies on the employee experience show that while people want...

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Is Knowing Half the Battle?

I love learning and buy and read a lot of books. I listen to podcasts and am continually exploring. It would be great if I mastered a concept just by listening or reading about it. Professor Laurie Santos has coined the term GI Joe Fallacy based on the 80’s cartoon in...

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About the Author

Ann Van Eron, Ph.D., MCC is founder and principal of Potentials, a global coaching and organization development consulting firm with experience coaching leaders and teams all over the world for over twenty-five years. She is certified as a Master Coach and has a doctorate in Organization Psychology from Columbia University.

Her new book, OASIS Conversations: Leading with and Open Mindset to Maximize Potential is available at AMAZON >>

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