During this time of uncertainty and disruption we are each experiencing many emotions—fear, worry, concern about health, finances and the future. Many of us are working long hours and are tired. We have additional stresses such as home schooling, not being able to see family and friends, the need to socially isolate and the disruption of habits.

When we are stressed and contracted we can be irritable and not our best selves. It is easy to be swept away with negativity as we hear fear-inducing news reports.

A useful exercise is to reflect on who you want to be during this time. How are you taking care of yourself? What habits can you incorporate that support your health and well-being. Are you reaching out to those you work with and care about? Are you being courageous and taking positive action?

In a virtual workshop I am facilitating leaders focused on creating respectful environments for their teams. They took time to really listen to hear what their team members were experiencing during this time. They gave empathy and appreciated some of the challenges. They found it rewarding and experienced more connection with their team and more energy.

Having the intention of being present, empathetic, caring and connecting with others benefitted not only the leaders but those around them. They found the same behaviors enhanced their family life too.

Take a moment to reflect on who you want to be at home and work during this time and set your intention.