No doubt by now you are well aware of the importance of washing your hands with soap and water thoroughly. Some say you should sing Happy Birthday twice to ensure you devote the time needed. Another option is to practice a kindness reflection.  For example, I say:
  • May I be safe and at ease
  • May I experience joy
  • May I experience connection
  • May I be creative
It is useful to allow yourself to really feel these emotions. For example,  I revisit and allow myself to have a felt-sense of a moment of joy with my daughter. Next you can say and envision the same for your family and friends:
  • May they be safe and at ease
  • May they experience joy
  • May they experience connection
  • May they be creative
You can recall that everyone would like these experiences. Finally, you can wish the same for the wider community and even for people you do not favor. Research shows that practicing a form of the Loving Kindness reflection has many benefits. Barbara Frederickson found that after 8 weeks people report experiencing less stress and are more positive.    Practice saying the kindness reflection when washing your hands or at another moment. Be kind to yourself and spread kindness.

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