How often do you find yourself saying I will be happy when… I get a better job, get in a better relationship, lose 10 pounds, buy x, get a credential, learn a skill, etc. It is natural to think that our happiness will come someday when we achieve or attain something.

However, how often do you notice this to be true? How long did you stay happy after a raise or an achievement?  Instead, we can choose to be happy now rather than waiting until someday when… which never fully satisfies us.

We can begin to allow moments of joy in our life starting today. We only need to look for and add moments that bring us joy. You can notice the beautiful flowers and take in the joy of nature on your way to work. You can greet neighbors and coworkers with a smile and enjoy the moments of connection. You can take a walk and appreciate that you are healthy and can walk and breathe. You can savor a cup of tea or coffee and really appreciate it.

By allowing ourselves moments of joy and savoring these moments we actually create more joy in our lives. In fact, this joy is contagious and will positively influence those around us too. What are we waiting for? I know that I deprived myself of such moments because I thought I had to earn such joy. In fact, we are entitled to it now. 

Allow yourself to savor and create moments of joy throughout your day and notice the impact on you and others.

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