Hoping you and your loved ones are well!

As we navigate this time, many of us are dealing with new challenges, added stress and perhaps moments of shock and paralysis.

We’ve all experienced uncertainty in the past and are resilient. However the current crisis we face as individuals, family members, leaders, professionals and as a society now is daunting.  As we navigate what’s happening, a challenge many of us may face is fully embracing the situations we find ourselves in yet being open and curious, relaxing into our bodies and moving into a creative response. Emotions are contagious and the power of an open mindset is beneficial now more than ever. 

The emotional and physical presence we bring will impact our choices, how centered we feel, and others around us. As we encounter frustrations, disappointment, and fears, there may also be unexpected opportunity.

In this spirit, we invite friends, clients, colleagues and others to join us for a complimentary 30 minute Zoom session for dialogue on:

Embodying an Open Mindset During Times of Stress and Uncertainty

Friday, March 27, 2020  12:30- 1:00 ET


This interactive session is designed to provide an opportunity to connect with others and support you now. Please feel free to invite others.

Hosted by Ann Van Eron and Jackie Sloane

Once you register, you will be sent a Zoom link via email before the session.

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