I often advocate the importance of an open mindset to realize potential and to see possibilities. I would also like to emphasize the value of an open heart or a positive “heartset.”

We have each had the experience of being open, present and embracing what is before us. Perhaps it is when we see a young child, a beautiful scene in nature, a piece of inspiring art, a moving song or the view from the peak after a hike. We sense the preciousness and embrace the moment and connection without judgment or fear. We are in an open and accepting state. We appreciate the moment and are open to what is and what may emerge. Our mind and heart are open. We may experience compassion for a person and their situation. We recognize our humanity and experience connection with others. 

I try to remember such moments in my life so that I can reconnect with my open heart and experience the sense of openness more frequently. I have a photo of Santorini, Greece at my desk that reminds me of a beautiful holiday where the blue rooftops of the white buildings mirrored the blue skies, the water sparkled and was clear and the warm sun and cool breeze were delightful. I felt glad to be alive and just wanted to be in the moment. I dropped my “to do” list and judgments and enjoyed just being. When I recall that moment, I can drop from my everyday worry and stress and open my heart and connect with myself and others. 

I encourage you to recall such moments and revisit them to allow yourself to connect with open awareness and relax the part of you that may be trying to figure things out, predict the future and that may be worried. You can shift your attention to being aware of awareness and open your heart to the moment. This is a muscle that we can build. We have more capacity with an open heart. We are more likely to trust that things will be okay as they have been for us.  An open heart allows us to be present and to embrace opportunities and possibilities. 

Choose to connect with your open-hearted awareness and experience aliveness and possibility. Choose an open heartset.