Leading with an Open Mindset:
OASIS Conversations for
Positive and Productive Relationships

Ever wish you had a simple formula to connect with others more effectively?

Communicating with others can be frustrating, drain your energy and feel nearly impossible. Research shows that for most of us, communicating with others is one of the most challenging aspects of our professional and personal lives.

What if you could turn the desert of miscommunication that exists into an oasis where you can have refreshing conversations that lead to empathy, insight and mutually beneficial agreements?

Ann Van Eron will share her practical signature system for breaking through communication barriers by cultivating an open mindset. She draws on scientific brain research and years of coaching experience to share a process to achieving mind-opening connections with others. Find out why global organizations, leaders, coaches and even families are benefitting from the OASIS Conversations process.

Join the webinar on: June 20th at 1 p.m. ET

We will explore:

  • The three biggest mistakes people make in their interactions.
  • The simple process of the five OASIS Moves that have been tested with success all over the world
  • A memorable system to create an oasis and engage in emotionally intelligent conversations at work, home and community.

You will experience:

  • The confidence and results that come from connecting with anyone who has a different perspective (everyone)
  • How to be an effective leader whether you are in a formal leadership role or simply desire to influence others.

You will be able to download the OASIS Moves tool to use as a guide for effective conversations to transform disengagement, disconnection and distrust into connection, insight and unparalleled results.

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